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 Christoph Helweg @ Flickr 

Not long ago, photography became one of my favorite interests. I am fascinated by the possibility to preserve precise moments on paper, and photography is a great tool to do that. At first, I took photos with my smartphone, and you have to admit that those little devices nowadays feature very good cameras. However, they are no comparison to reflex cameras. One year ago, a good friend of mine gave me an analogue reflex camera as a present. It was a Minolta Maxxum 3000i with a Sigma 28-70 mm f/3,5-4,5 object lens. My first photos using this camera were taken in South Tyrol in 2016, where I stayed during holidays.

Brixen with its cathedral in the background
Brixen with its cathedral in the background

At that time, I fell in love with photography, and due to the high costs of analogue photography, I decided to buy a cheap digital reflex camera. Thus, I became the owner of a Canon EOS 400D. For this camera, I own three object lens. First, I possess the Canon EFS 18-55 mm f/3,5-5,6 II object lense, which is usually part of the camera kit, and second, I bought a Tamron AF 80-210 mm f/4,5-5,6 object lense. Last but not least, I got myself a Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II object lense. Although I would call myself a beginner and haven’t had much time to take photos recently, I still want to spend time with this hobby of mine on a regular basis.


 Canon EOS 60D


• Canon EF 50 mm f/1,8 II


• Canon EFS 18 - 55 mm f/3,5 - 5,6 II


• Tamron AF 80 - 210 mm f/4,5 - 5,6