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From March 2017 to December 2018, I worked for the local street paper TagesSatz which is part of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) and sold both in Göttingen and Kassel. The aim of the paper is to help the socially disadvantaged. The vendors acquire the paper for its production cost (1,10 €) from the association and sell them for 2,20 € which means that they can make some extra money by selling the magazine on the street.


This is very important to them as having nothing to do and no aim in their life can badly affect their mental health. Selling the magazine helps them by giving them a duty with fixed working hours. Thus, the magazine helps them to abandon their social isolation and build a new social network which ultimately enables them to become a part of society again.


My first article has been published in the May issue of 2017, and my last article has been published in the December issue of 2018. I always liked the familiar atmosphere in the editorial department, and the freedom to write about whatever I would like to intrigued me. For example, I got the opportunity to contribute an article on the “Orange Revolution” and the “Revolution of Dignity” for our November issue and suggested a cover picture, featuring a wonderful wall painting in Kyiv. In fact, our vendors were able to sell every single copy of said issue which makes me very happy.


Unfortunately, due to insurmountable disagreements within the editorial department, I felt impelled to leave the magazine, which was a decision that was not easy for me to reach. Despite all the troubles in the last few weeks, I am very happy that I were able to work for this magazine because I had the chance to experience journalism and the opportunity to write about whatever interested me.


The language of the paper is German which is why all my articles are written and published in German, but I would like to translate some of them into English one day to reach a broader audience.


Below, you can download all my articles in PDF format. The list is complete. In total, I have published 19 articles with 29 pages in total. Many thanks to Sven Piepkorn, the designer at TagesSatz, who kindly provided me with high quality (print quality) versions of all my articles so that I can publish them on my site.

My articles published in the TagesSatz:

Issue 05/2017

Der junge Karl Marx

[439.8 KB]

Issue 06/2017

Angstfrei auf dem Campus

Das eigene Gefühl ernst nehmen

[836.1 KB]

Issue 06/2017

Netz voller Gefahren

[757.8 KB]

Issue 09/2017

Verlorene Stimmen

[260.1 KB]

Issue 09/2017

Deutschland, dein Wahlrecht

Im Schnelldurchlauf durch die Geschichte

[255.9 KB]

Issue 10/2017

Ab in den Süden po-ukrainski

[406.8 KB]

Issue 11/2017

Noch ist die Ukraine nicht gestorben

[921.8 KB]

Issue 12/2017

Umweltschutz auf dem Campus

[262.3 KB]

Issue 12/2017

Vertrautheit in der Fremde

Einblicke in die Ukraine

[468.8 KB]

Issue 02/2018

Zum Studium in die Universitätsstadt

Gesucht: Wohnraum in Göttingen

[507.3 KB]

Issue 02/2018

Zurück ins Leben

Hilfe für psychisch Kranke

[507.3 KB]

Issue 03/2018

Gleiches Recht für alle!

Über Mut, Feminismus und die neue Radikarla*

[410.4 KB]

Issue 04/2018

Russische Stadt im lettischen Staat

[223.7 KB]

Issue 05/2018

Der Einsamkeit begegnen

Für sechs Monate ins Ausland

[440.3 KB]

Issue 07/2018

Ein Stück vom Paradies —

Das Baltikum für Naturliebhaber

[2.1 MB]

Issue 08/2018

Die Basilika Mariä Himmelfahrt in Aglona

Katholischer Wallfahrtsort im Herzen des Baltikums

[2.1 MB]

Issue 11/2018

In der Kammer des Schreckens

[1.9 MB]

Issue 11/2018

Arbeit ohne Ende

Wenn Arbeitsdruck tödlich endet

[2.0 MB]

Issue 12/2018

Auf den Spuren eines Wandgemäldes

Die geheimnisvolle Fremde von Kyjiw

[3.0 MB]

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My articles published on Litlog:

May 6, 2019

[509.6 KB]