Want to know more about me? Maybe just some trivial, random facts? Admittedly, not all of these facts are that trivial because I alluded to some dreams and heartfelt wishes of mine as well. However, these are snippets of information about myself for which I have not found a more appropriate place yet. Plus, lists are pretty cool, so here we go. Whenever I come up with something that I consider to be noteworthy and worth sharing, I will extend this list.


 I engaged in poetry slam when I was in high school.


 I never learned how to play an instrument, and I regret it a bit.


 I adore Japanese culture, and I am basically interested in East Asia in general.


 I want to study more and more languages.


 I have been to Denmark and Sweden a bunch of times.


 I could imagine living abroad for a couple of years.


 I want to write and publish a book one day.